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With everything happening in our crazy world right now, I know our year hasn’t looked like we hoped. Our homeschool co op classes were cancelled. The venue where we usually meet will not let a large group such as ours meet together. I have seen people forming small co ops and still meeting to do life and community together. It has been really great to see how people are rallying in the midst of uncertainty.

I’d like to help you in your homeschool journey by offering Co Op Crates- a monthly subscription box filled with all things Co Op!!. You can order monthly boxes to be shipped to your home filled with materials to help you teach a co op class. Enough materials will be in the box to teach 4, 1 hour classes. You could meet once a week for four weeks, meet every day for 4 days in a row. However you schedule your co op, let me help you! You will receive detailed lesson plans and enough materials for your students. The Small Box contains enough materials for 4 students, the Large Box Contains enough for 8 students.

Read more about Co Op Crates HERE.

Want a free box in exchange for an honest review??? Email me about joining the launch team!

Expected Product Launch Date: April 1, 2021

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