Finding solid literature for kids (and adults) can be tough. I am constantly reading reviews, curating lists, reading, asking, etc. on my hunt for good books for my kids. In an effort to help others in a similar place, I am building a page of reviews for you, the reader.

Here is a my key:

A = Adult. Not necesarily suitable for teens. It may contain themes or subject matter you don’t want your children reading. If I label something as A, T… I consider it interesting for an adult and suitable for teens. Make sense?

P = Parenting

T = Teen Friendly (these are books I would be comfortable with my teens reading. If I am saying it is a go, you can know there is little to no sex, political agenda, or language.

TC = Meant for Teens, but proceed with caution. This could contain sex, language, etc.

TW = Tween Friendly

If you are interested in reviews and finding great books for your kids, I highly recommend reading the reviews through Common Sense Media and Good Reads. You can quickly get an idea or whether or not a book lines up with your worldview or what you are hoping for with your kids.

Heroes of History- George Washington Carver (TW, T)

Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible by Danika Cooley (P)

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