Did you know that STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) is easy to implement in your home? You likely have all the supplies you need already. STEM challenges are all the rage right now. We used to have a STEM challenge box in our home filled with household items like coffee filters, paper clips, straws, tape, etc. On a rainy day, I would tell the kids to pull out the box, give them a challenge and set them free.

Eventually the box of materials dwindled and I did not refill it. However, I realize that my younger two did not get to really benefit from all the fun. Earlier this week, the girls and I were talking about materials in a lesson we were doing through 4th grade science on Schoolhouse Teachers. We talked about different types of materials and how things are built. We talked about the science of engineering and why it is important to study materials to know how to build and what will last.

Per one of the suggestions in the lesson, we cut up strips of paper. I taught the girls how to make triangle blocks using just paper and tape. I made a few for them, then handed them the basket of paper strips and let them create. I tasked them with building a structure that bears weight.

My oldest girl decided to make round blocks instead. She built a pyramid and placed a pen on top. She also built a village and had her stuffed panda destroy it.

My youngest figured out how to make long rectangle blocks using the strips of paper and A LOT of tape! She spent most of her time making bricks and was thrilled every time she completed one.

And, because we love all things Barbie around here, my middle daughter created a throne/ chair. She was so excited when her doll took a seat and it didn’t cave in.

The girls worked for about an hour on creating structures and testing the weight. They saved all of the blocks they made and came back to work again the next morning.

Are you intrigued???? Keep scrolling 🙂

I have put together a printable pack of STEM challenge cards that you can download for FREE!!! The pack includes Challenge Cards (and blank cards so you can make your own), a checklist of materials you might want to include in your STEM challenge box (pictured above), and a record sheet.

To download the FREE PRINTABLE PACK, Click Below:

If you download the pack and use it in your classroom or homeschool, I’d love to see pics. Tag me on Instagram- @thedelightdirectedhomschooler

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How do you use STEM in your homeschool? Comment below and share the wealth!

By the way… once upon a time I had a different homeschool blog called Plants and Pillars. I used to offer free printables and other homeschool helps. I have since taken Plants and Pillars off of the interwebs. So… if you followed me back then, you may notice some repeat printables that have had a face lift.

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