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The Psalms are my go to in Bible reading. When I am lost on what to read, I go there. I start with whatever day of the month it is (like today is the 24) and read that Psalm, then add 30 (54) and read the next one, add 30 (84), add 30 (114), add 30 (144). Then you read the Proverb of the day (again… today would be the 24th). I was excited for the chance to review Psalms for My Day- A Child’s Praise Devotional by Carine MacKenzie and Alec Motyer and be able to introduce my younger children to the beauty of reading daily Psalms. It is a beautiful, hard cover book published by Christian Focus Publications.

Psalms for My Day- A Child’s Praise Devotional is beautifully illustrated and easy to follow. It is a great addition for my elementary age children. Each reading has a two page full layout that includes:

  1. The Psalm for the Day
  2. An age appropriate devotion or explanation of the passage
  3. A prayer

The Bible text in the book is Alec Motyer’s own translation from the original Hebrew. I found this interesting so I decided to do a little digging. Alec Moyer was an Irish Biblical Scholar who lived from 1924-2016. A renowned professor and scholar, he wrote many, many books and said of himself, “I’m just a man who loves the Word of God.” There is a letter at the beginning of Psalms for My Day giving Carine MacKenzie permission to use his translation in helping make it understandable to young children. This books comes with high praise and endorsement from a variety of Biblical scholars.

As you can see from the table of contents, the devotion includes 31 readings that will keep your family engaged..

Here you can see an example of a full two-page layout including the reading, explanation, and prayer. The book also has a ribbon bookmark.

I found Psalms for My Day- A Child’s Praise Devotion to be a wonderful resource for our family. My eight and ten year olds can read this for themselves or we can use it as a read aloud for family time. The Psalms are a beautiful way to draw focus to the Lord. They are real and raw and praise filled even in the darkest of times.

Thirty-one psalms are included as well as an introduction to Psalms and how they play a part in the bigger story of Jesus. A list of “new words” is also included in the back of the book to help young readers understand a little more about what they are reading. I highly recommend this book if you have preschool and elementary age children in your home. It would also be a great children’s ministry resource.

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