Y’all!!! I am so excited!!! You may remember a couple of months back when I wrote a review of the Unbreakable Faith Course from Pilgrim’s Rock, LLC. It is an apologetics course perfect for highschoolers and adults. Apologetics is, in a nutshell, knowing how and why you believe what you believe (as pertains to the Christian faith).

The folks at Pilgrim’s Rock, LLC reached out to me with an incredibly generous offer to give away TWO FREE courses!!!! TWO WINNERS will be chosen to receive the course. More details at the end of the post.

Apologetics has been an interest of mine for years. I am fascinated by those who produce eloquent and sound reasoning when in discussions about matters of faith. I know that I am a Christian. I know why I am a Christian. I have years of studying the Bible under my belt and a lifetime of experiences with the Lord… but there is something about apologetics and really understanding the why in an intellectual way that just draws me in.

As my children are entering and in their teenage years, I am realizing more and more the importance of them owning their faith. I was talking with a co-worker today about our students (I work in youth ministry). We were talking about our current quarantine rhythm. We have zoom meet ups scheduled almost every day. We are trying to provide points of contact for our students. We are trying to encourage them, get in the Word with them, laugh together… it is EXHAUSTING! We are just not made for virtual connection. We need face to face time with actual in life people!

As we were talking, I was saying to him that I really want to make things ok for these kids. I want them to know that God loves them. I want to point out to them very clearly what God is doing in their lives right now. But the truth of the matter is… God is writing their stories… just as much as he is writing mine. It is not my job to make sure things are tied up neatly and with a bow for these students at the end of the day. Yes… we want to provide points of contact and love these kids as best we can right now, but I am not responsible for making sure they are ok. They have to own their walks with the Lord. The Lord is the one responsible for their story and is the only one who knows exactly what he is teaching them.

I want to equip my kids. I want to give them the tools they need as they face a world that is increasingly hostile towards Christianity. I want them to know the joy of knowing Jesus and the eternal security that comes in entering a relationship with him. I want them to have an anchor that holds fast in the storms. A lighthouse that guides through darkness. A light unto their path. A purpose that goes deep and long and wide…. so that when the world shuts down and fear threatens to reign, they are ready.

As they are growing older and questioning everything, resources like The Unbreakable Faith Course are invaluable.

The course:

  • Exposes the false blind-faith presuppositions of unbelief
  • Builds a solid biblical worldview on God’s infinite excellence
  • Simplifies theological and worldview truths
  • Protects you against difficult unbelieving arguments

The course is self-paced. The developers of the course are amazing and available to help if you need. If you read my review, you’ll know that the website is super easy to navigate (even if you aren’t techy), the videos are about 10-13 minutes long, and the course is set for thirty-six weeks (although I believe it can be completed sooner if you are motivated).

Unbreakable Faith explores the nature and implications of the infinite excellence of God’s perfections (attributes) and demotstrates how they form the source and basis for all things in the universe, including all knowledge, truth, and ethics….Designed to simply and easily immunize the student against the most sophisticated arguments of unbelief, Unbreakable Faith provides the foundation for a solid, comprehensive, logical, and satisfying biblical worldview, while providing the means to adequately address the deepest theological differences and mysteries.

course description

Ok… now for the real reason you are here!!!! THE GIVE AWAY!!!

The creators of The Unbreakable Faith Course reached out to me and are offering to giveaway TWO FREE COURSES!!!! That’s right, TWO WINNERS will be chosen to receive this amazing course!!!!

Entering is super easy!!! Just follow the directions on the rafflecopter below. The giveaway ends Friday, May 15th.

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