What’s your distraction hobby? What do you do to cope with, escape from, process stress? I draw… doodle mostly. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in over a week. I don’t know why. I am so tired and my allergies are going crazy. I sneeze all the time. And it isn’t just one sneeze… it usually is a minimum of three. And let me just tell you that I have given birth to four children… a sneeze can be detrimental to a bladder broken by birth. If you know what I’m say, you know what I’m saying… if you don’t… just carry on with your day. Nothing to see here!

I spent the morning doodling away as I listened to people sound out words, learn about different kinds of sentences, do art class (more on that tomorrow), find the surface area of a pyramid and so on.

If your week has started at all like mine… or if by some chance you are having an awesome week… let me just give you a little gift to keep you going!

I have THREE FREE Social Distancing Succulent themed coloring sheets for you. Print them and leave them as is, color them, send them to a friend! Whatever your little heart desires.

Click on the link BELOW the image to download the printable version.

I created these little beauties using the Procreate App on my iPad with the Apple Pencil (not a sponsor… yet).

If you print them and color them, be sure to post and tag me on Instagram: @thedelightdirectedhomeschooler!

Happy quarantining friends!

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