Last summer I wrote a post about allowing boredom in the summer months. I still stand by that post. I think our culture does not know how to be bored. We have constant stimulation and entertainment at our fingertips. You can read the post I wrote HERE.

This year is not not typical. It is not normal. The usual summer events are not happening. Most summer camps have been canceled or modified. Many church VBS programs have been canceled or modified. Between social distancing, phases for opening the country, riots and political unrest… home is looking like the place to be this summer.

I was sharing with my husband this week that I want to have a healthy balance with my children this summer. I want to engage them and I want them to sit in that boredom that breeds creativity. Normally, by the time we get to summer… we have come to the end of an intensly busy year and are ready to just relax and slow down. With the quarantine, we have already slowed down. We have already relaxed. We have played all the board games and made all the sweet treats. We have planted a garden. We have chilled in the hammocks. We have done the summery things.

Regardless of where you are in the world, you have been affected by COVID-19. You may or may not be ready to enter back into society. You may be wary of playgrounds and public pools. You may not yet be able to go to your library. You may have to wear masks and wait in a line outside to be let into Target. Things are different now… and will be for a while.

I have put together a couple of summer fun checklists. The first one is more family friendly… you can use it with all ages. The second is geared towards teens. These are things you can do at home or with friends. Summer fun you can safely accomplish while social distancing (or not). Click on the link BELOW the image to download the printable version.

All clip art was designed by me and can be found at Ninja Mom Designs on Teachers Pay Teachers.

If you like these checklists and are looking for more summer fun for your child, check out my Summer Fun Creative Journal from Ninja Mom Teaches on Teachers Pay Teachers.

What is your family doing this summer? How will you make memories? How will you spend the time that would have gone to other activities? I only 2-3 summers left with my oldest. I want to make the most of my time!!!

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