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I create a good bit of my children’s learning materials. With our delight directed approach to learning, we are often thinking outside of the box and not using a specific curriculum or program. While I have the skill and ability to create my own worksheets, I would rather not reinvent the wheel. I was so excited to discover HelpTeaching.com. We were given the HelpTeaching Pro Subscription to review.

What is HelpTeaching?

Teacher Worksheets, Tests, Activities, Lessons, and Games for PreK-12. Printable & online resources for educators: teachers, tutors, trainers, and homeschool parents.

Help Teaching Consists of

  1. Tests and Worksheets: A library of pre-made tests and worksheets for early learning through 12th grade, covering all subjects… including AP learning material. The worksheets are aligned with Common Core.
  2. Test Maker: Can be used to create tests in a variety of formats including multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/ false, and open ended questions.
  3. Test Room: The platform can be used to administer online assessments for individuals and classrooms.
  4. Worksheet Generator: Generate your own math and game worksheets.

The website is very easy to navigate. When you log on, you’ll see menue tabs across the top labeled:

Tests and Worksheets


Test Maker

Online Testing

My Content


The “How To” Guides are easily accessed from the sidebar menu. These cover such topics as “How to Administer Tests Online” and “How to Customize Your Tests.” The guides are thorough and easy to follow.

The online testing platform is pretty awesome. It allows instructors to administer assessments online. It also provides data for tracking a student’s progress. The test room is a convenient and flexible way to customize your homeschool or classroom. You can choose to create your own test questions or search from the massive library of created content.

I created a sample Social Studies test about presidential elections. I was able to search the pre-loaded test options and adapt it as I wanted. I could then customize the date and time I wanted the test completed. I could customize if I want the student to be able to go back and review or change answers, if I want a practice mode enabled, and if I want the results to be shown upon completion.

Once the test is complete and ready to go to the students, I can email it to them or upload directly to Google Classroom. You can create a list of students with your HelpTeaching Pro Subscription so you can email the test and instructions directly to them.

I could see how this feature would be great for homeschooling middle and highschoolers. I think it would be great if you are teaching a co op class. It is very organized and user friendly.

I was also able to generate my own worksheets using my HelpTeaching Pro Subscription. I LOVE this feature. If a child needs extra help with a topic or a fun worksheet to go along with a topic we are working on, this is a great option. I created the above Summer Time Word Find for my elementary age girls in a matter of seconds using the worksheet generator.

You can search the library of tests and worksheets by grade. I have a rising eighth grade. The subjects offered for her grade include Arts, Music, English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Study Skills/ Strategies, and Vocational Education. The amount of content is a bit overwhelming, but very well organized.

HelpTeaching offers online lessons as well. These are self-paced lessons. Some of their content comes from sites like Khan Academy, Educator.com, and Bozeman Science. I am particularly excited to use the SAT prep video lessons and their accompanying assessments.

As you can see, HelpTeaching has three different levels of membership. You can join for free, but your access is very limited. The Pro Subscription is what we are using and it is only $49/ year. That is an awesome price for all the content and resources you can access!!

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