We do not have a consistent Fourth of July tradition. There have been times we have spent the evening with friends at a Community Garden… cooking out and enjoying time together. We have had a cookout at home and invited our small group over- enjoying fried green tomatoes from our garden. One of my favorite childhood memories was going out in our family’s boat on the lake to see the firework show Lake Lanier Islands in Georgia. For the first few years of our family life, my kids were terrified of fireworks and we hid in our house, under pillows for the Fourth. One year, my daughter was going through cancer treatment and she and I watched Memphis fireworks from a window at St. Jude while the rest of the family watched some neighborhood fireworks thirty minutes away. It is probably good that we don’t have a tradition we rely on because, as with much of this year, things just look different now. We are still hoping our town does their annual fireworks show and we can watch from our top secret location that I won’t share because I don’t want a crowd of people!!!

I’ve been looking through Pinterest for creative recipes and crafts to try with my family. My youngest is super excited about making a red, white, and blue dessert with Cool Whip and berries.

Here is a fun little activity I put together to create your own fireworks display. Click the words under the image to download the printable. Then scroll down for my Fourth of July Craft Round Up!

Fourth of July Craft Round Up


Handprint Crafts

Simple Paper Plate Flag

Pipe Cleaner Fireworks

Sparkle Bottles

Cookie Cutter Star Paint

Elementary School

DIY Marshmallow Shooters

Patriotic Star Banner

Marble Fireworks

Tie Dye Firecracker Shirt

Patriotic Lantern

Teens and Adults

No Sew Table Runner

Decorative String Balls

Painted Rocks

Tin Can Candles

Bug Away Candle Holders


American Flag Fruit Tray

Sugar Cookie Flag Fruit Pizza

Fourth of July Pretzel Bites

Firecracker Cake-Lettes with Pop Rocks

Fourth of July Brownie Bites

What are your favorite 4th of July traditions? crafts? recipes? Comment below and share the wealth!

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