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With the elections just around the corner in November, now is a good time to teach our children about our government and how the process of voting and elections work. The U.S. Elections Lap Pak from Home School In The Woods is a fantastic resource. The product is geared for grades 3rd- 8th which is perfect for us as we have a rising 3rd, 5th, and 8th grader! I might just make the 10th grader join us. I have not done a great job teaching my kids this area of history and am thankful for Home School In The Woods for their wonderful, hands-on, history studies.

The U.S. Elections Lap Pak is a digital download that includes the following:

  • 21 Lap Pak Activities
  • Reading Text (Also Provided as an Audio Book)
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • List of additional reading resources

The products from Home School In The Woods are completed as lapbooks. If you don’t know what a lapbook is, let me tell you! Lapbooking is a great hands-on way for students to research and learn all about a specific topic! It’s basically just a file folder filled with fun little “mini-books” that contain interesting information about your overall lapbook topic. They’re hands-on and make any subject a little more fun! We have used lapbooks for a variety of projects throughout our homeschooling years. Please note that if you have a child who does not like crafts or gets frustrated with a lot of cutting and gluing, lapbooks may not be the best choice for them. I, personally, LOVE lapbooks… but a certain teenager in my house CANNOT STAND them! So… know your audience!

A view of the front of the U.S. Elections Lap Pak from the Home School In The Woods website.
A view of the assembled U.S. Elections Lap Pak from the Home School In The Woods website.

I am super excited to complete this Lap Pak with my girls (and maybe my son). Admittedly, I do not know enough about our election process. I rely heavily on the knowledge of others when the time comes around! We are living in such a unique time in history and I really want my children to learn and know all the things! They have all gone with my when I have voted. They always ask who I am voting for, but mostly they just like getting the “I Voted” sticker… I mean… who doesn’t??

When we are working on the U.S. Elections Lap Pak, we do the reading and lesson together then the girls complete the activities on their own. We set the completed activities aside until everything is finished and we are ready to put it all together. Be sure to read more about the U.S. Elections Lap Pak from Home School In The Woods.

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