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Music plays a big role in the culture of our family. Everyone has an instrument they can play. Everyone has access to streaming music through Pandora, Amazon, or Spotify. My husband sings more than he talks… not really… but it seems that way. We are musical. Music of some sort is typically playing in our home at any given time. When presented with the opportunity to review the Members On- Demand Radio Program Library from Smart Kidz Radio, I eagerly said yes.

As a parent, I spend a lot of time curating things for my kids- music, books, television, movies. It can be really exhausting to be researching constantly… weighing and measuring how things hold up with our world view… counting the cost of what it could mean to allow certain things. I am all kinds of happy when I find something safe and wholesome. I don’t necessarily ban certain books or music from my kids… some things just require more lengthy conversation before listening. I am glad when I find something that doesn’t require much pontificating ahead of time.

Smart Kidz Radio is an online streaming service created for kids ages 2-12. New content is added regularly. Content inlcudes music, audio books, educational programming, foreign language, and more. I have one child who is especially anxious these days and has found comfort in the Bedtime Affirmations and Relaxation Programs.

All of my kids enjoy audio books…. some more than others. My girls especially listen to something every night as they are settling for bed. They listen when they clean their rooms. They listen when they are crafting, building, playing. I like that I can offer them something to listen to with actual content and not just fluff. I love these offerings through the “Explore Your World with Science” section.

Scrolling through the Smart Kidz Radio Homepage is like Christmas… you just keep finding more and more great stuff! They have new releases regularly and even show you what is coming soon. I can’t wait for the Hits from Broadway and Disco Fever!

Part of the vision of Smart Kidz Radio involves the Smart Kidz Radio Foundation:

The Smart Kidz Foundation’s mission is to encourage young people to make a
difference in their own lives, the lives of others, and in the global community. The
Foundation’s goal is to empower young people to take the future into their own
hands and play an active part in shaping a better, more peaceful world.

A portion from Smart Kidz Radio’s membership fees will be donated to the Smart
Kidz Foundation—a non-profit foundation that will financially support programs
that give opportunities to young people to make a difference by following their
career dreams and use their talents to make the world a better place.

By providing resources and meaningful educational opportunities to young people,
they will experience the significance of diversity and the joy of helping others—and
at the same time, build self-confidence, compassion, and respect for the

Do you have auditory learners in your home? I sure do! I am not an auditory learner and it has taken a lot of training on my part to be able to listen to podcasts and audiobooks without letting my mind wander. I do best if I am also doing something active- driving or walking. When my oldest was little, he would build with legos while he listened to his books.

We are enjoying a 6 month membership to Smart Kidz Radio. I am loving it as are my kids. I highly recommend you look into this great resource. Encourage independent learning. Provide thoughtful educational and fun materials.

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