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My younger two children NEVER find their names on anything. Whenever we go into a shop and see name keychains, they always look in vain to see if maybe, just maybe their name appears. I told them all that they should be glad we didn’t live so close to Asheville when they were all born or they would ALL have out there unique, hippie names. We stuck to Biblical names and meanings… but still veered into the more creative with those. We were given the opportunity to review an 8 x 10 Name Plaque from CrossTimber. I decided to choose my youngest to be the recipient…because… not only have we never seen her name on anything… I’ve never met another person with her name!

Tybi (rhymes with Libby) Elizabeth is the excalmation point in our family. She is a beautiful, brilliant, deep little future mental health therapist (or nurse). When I showed her the 8 x 10 Name Plaque that arrived in the mail, she took a deep breath and said, “Mom… that’s my name. That’s my name and they spelled it right!!!” She is super excited to hang it on her wall.

When I was chosen for the review, I was able to go on to the CrossTimber website and choose the design I wanted for the plaque. I chose the Hands of the Potter. Tybi’s name means “God is Good” and I want her to always know that God has created her in his goodness and for a beautiful purpose. I was curious as to how the folks at CrossTimber would handle Tybi’s name. It is essentially the feminine of Toby. I received an email shortly after ordering asking for clarification and making sure that the spelling was correct. They were having a hard time locating the meaning of her name. I am glad they asked! When I was pregnant with her, my husband was researching baby names and came across “Tybi.” He immediately loved and reached out to some seminary professors to ask how they thought it should be pronouced… they basically said to pick the pronunciation we liked and run with it!

In addition to the 8 x 10 Name Plaque, we received a pack of activity sheets. When the clarification email came about the spelling and meaning of Tybi’s name, they asked about the activity sheets. I requested the sheets come with my # 3 child’s name- Selah. While becoming more common, Selah is still not a name you find on key chains at tourist shops. Once I found an ornament with Sheila written on it… I bought it, took it home, and doctored it right up!

I love that at the top of the page it says, “Color this page to find Selah.” Selah means “pause and reflect.” Coloring often gives us time to slow down, pause, and reflect… to find “selah.”

Other pages in the activity pack included coloring sheets, handwriting practice, word puzzles, and scripture.

CrossTimber has beautiful gifts. Who doesn’t love a personalized, unique gift. Check out their Name Cards, Book Marks, Activity Sheets, and other Name Meaning Gifts.

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