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We LOVE games. LOVE THEM. Our game shelf is ever growing and it is a super bonus when the game is steeped in educational content. Through the Review Crew, we were introduced to Byron’s Games last year when we reviewed Math Sprint. When the opportunity to review another of their games presented itself, I was so excited. This time we were sent Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers from Byron’s Games.

The origin story of Byron’s games really hits close to home for us. When Byron was six years old, he had a month long hospital stay receiving treatment for an unexpected illness. While in the hospital, he was inspired to help other children like him to learn and have fun during their own hospital stays and beyond.

With Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers, kids can learn the 52 masters, from medieval musicians to contemporary composers. This is a wonderful way to incorporate music appreciation into your homeschool. The game is designed to boost short term memory, increase attention to detail, support visual learning, and more. In your game box, you receive 2 Decks, 1 Timeline Card, and 1 Composer Poster. Each card has names and depictions, country of origin, years lived, fun life facts, and music era (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary.) This card game is for ages 5 and up, you can have 2+ players, and a game takes about 30 minutes.In our experience with Byron’s Games, the materials are well made and sturdy. The instructions are super easy to follow. The games are fun and engaging. Maestro Mastery is no different.

The game is similar to a traditional matching game. The cards are placed face down on the table. Players take turns flipping them over and looking for a match. You can enhance the game experience by visiting the game’s website and accessing selections of music from the various composers. I think this is my favorite aspect of the game. As you become more familiar with the different pieces, you can take the game to another level by playing a sample and asking the players to place which era the music is from.

The game has 104 cards all together. You may want to reduce the deck depending on how many players you have.

I am a big believer of adding games to your homeschool. I think it reinforces learning in a unique and beautiful way as well as affording a great unschooling/ delight directed option. Maestro Mastery- Explore the Composers is really great. It is fun and easy to incorporate different age learners. Younger kids can focus on getting matches, older kids can read the information and learn more about the different eras. This would be a great game to incorporate into you music history, music appreciation, world history and more. My kids have already started to absorb and remember the which composer goes with which piece of music.

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