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I have a love-hate relationship with teaching spelling. It can feel so monotonous at times and overwhelming at others. We have done curriculum that go in depth with the rules which is great… but also stressful. Every rule has rebellious little rule breakers and it is just so, so hard to keep up with it all!!! HOWEVER…I also get extrememely tired of the question, “How do I spell…?” (Wow… I’m just a bundle of homeschool sunshine today, aren’t I?) SO… the question begs how do I break the monotony, review spelling, empower my children WITHOUT losing my mind. How do I set them up for success??? Enter SuperStar Spelling from The Crafty Classroom!!

SuperStar Spelling is a downloadable, EDITABLE PDF filled with spelling goodness to support whatever spelling program you are currently using. To use SuperStar Spelling, you will need a desktop computer (it will not work on a device) and a Adobe Reader for the PDFs. You can download that for free.

“Our SuperStar Spelling program is filled with EDITABLE, hands-on games, activities, worksheets, and learning opportunities for your k-5 students. Best of all, you can customize this program by typing in your own word list (up to 20 words) and the entire pack will instantly autofill with your custom spelling list.”

I LOVE the customizable feature of SuperStar Spelling. I can input up to 20 words and it will autopopulate into all the worksheets. So magical! The worksheets provide a variety of learning opportunities for individual or group learning. It appears to be designed with a classroom in mind as there are many games for multiple players, but it can easily be adpated for homeschooling.

I assigned each of my girls (3rd grade and 5th grade) this worksheet at the beginning of the week with their respective spelling words. We are using the spelling lists from Super Teacher Worksheets. They have to look at the list and sort them according to the categories. My 5th grader and I had to have a chat because she was simply writing “all of them” under “Words I Already Know.” I told her that I didn’t care how confident she was in her ability, I still wanted her to write out the words! I also started giving her more challenging words.

Above is an example of one of the games included in the printable pack. This is great if you have two children working on the same spelling list. They can play together to sharpen their skills… who doesn’t love battleship??? In the case of my girls, I had my older use a board that contained her sister’s list. It was good review for her and great practice and fun for my younger daughter.

The worksheets and games are eye catching and appealing without being overwhelmingly cutsie or distracting. My girls look forward to spelling each week. There is enough variety in the games and worksheets that we are not doing the exact same thing each week. I can spread it out and change it up all while giving them a solid learning foundation!

At the end of each week, I give my girls a spelling test. I love that they can correct their own mistakes and see the difference between what they wrote and the correct answer. We discuss the mistakes as we correct. My younger daughter was checking her work the other day. Every time she got an answer correct, she would yell, “Cha-Ching!”

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