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I am not sure I can express to you just how much I love the biography books published by YWAM Publishing (Youth With a Mission). These books hold a special place in my heart so I was super thrilled when given the chance to review Heroes of History- George Washington Carver, From Slave to Scientist by Janet and Geoff Benge.

I have used the biography books- both Christian Heroes Then and Now and Heroes of History- in the past to create the spine of our school year. We would read the biographies and then learn about the time period, world events, culture, people, and more. One of my most favorite years of homeschooling with my children was when we incorporated these biographies and all four of my children were working together (at their individual levels) to learn about these amazing people and places.

Whenever I think about George Washington Carver, I think about peanuts. But y’all… his life was about so much more than peanuts!!! This man survived being kidnapped and left for dead as a baby. He grew up under the care of his mother’s slave owners (they were actually nice people and loved him very much). He faced extreme hatred and racism… yet he endured. With the encouragement of those around him, George Washington Carver kept moving forward and used the gifts God gave him for science and art. He had a heart to see white people and black people work together. He wanted better for the black farmers who kept planting and growing cotton even though it was driving them further into poverty. He taught them about better crops to grow and how to actually make a profit for all their hard work. He produced pamphlets that contained information on better farming practices as well as recipes. I would love to have some of his pamphlets! George Washington Carver persevered. He had incredible work ethic and character. He used the talents and gifts and interests he was given and he worked hard to make a difference right where he was.

This beautiful biography was obviously well researched and written as a captivating narrative. It was hard to put down one we started!

In addition to the paper back book, we received a downloadable Unit Study. This printable is full of great ideas that can help with using the Heroes of History Books. I wish I had known these unit studies existed when I was going through the books a few years back with my kids… but I know now!!! The unit study contains chapter questions to help with comprehension. There are student explorations that give great ideas for hands on learning and projects. The unit study also contains books and resources as well as related themes. This is a great way to expand learning and contains reproducible sheets to accommodate however many learners you may have.

I’m not exaggerating when I say these are my favorite books. One of the only things I buy when I go to homeschool conventions are the books from YWAM! They have books for younger readers as well AND audio books on CD. I highly recommend making the Christian Hero Now and Then and the Heroes of History books part of your family library. These are books that can be read over and over again!

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