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Finding solid, quality content in books is becoming more and more difficult. Just in the last ten years, the selection of books for my kids at our local library has become more and more liberal and agenda based. I have always relied on book reviews and others to help me when I am helping my kids choose books to read. As my children get older, they are having to use their power of discernment and guidance from the Holy Spirit to make decisions on what they are reading. Many of our conversations lately have been about what they are allowing into their minds. I feel like I am in a constant battle to encourage my children to read, but also to use discernment. I wish I could just say it doesn’t matter and just grab a book and read…but I can’t do that! Ug! Every now and then, we receive books through the Review Crew and I know that I don’t have to stress about the content. This is the case with a book we recently received- Pursued to Eternity by John Riley.

John Riley has a Master of Science degree and worked for over 30 years as an engineer.  After retiring from engineering,  he and his wife Nancy, have been teaching subjects such as robotics and physics.  They have also helped students prepare for their SAT tests.  In addition to these, they teach courses on creation versus evolution. SchoolhouseTeachers.com offers a 14 week, video based Creation Vs. Evolution course for 7th-12th grade from John Riley. His book and his course teach students to examine the evidence and come to their own conclusions.

When my oldest was just a little guy, he loved dinosaurs. I didn’t realize he was already reading fluently when we was checking out these giant dinosaur encyclopedias that were talking about millions of years and evolution. As a Christian, I was certainly not against him learning about dinosarus and such, but I definitely wanted him learning through a Christian worldview. I started gathering resources and learning as much as I good about young earth, creation science, and apologetics. I have always enjoyed archaeology…. especially when it confirms Scripture! Well… Pursued to Eternity is a small (150 page) book chock full of creation science, apologetic goodness. The book is geared for middle and high school… but younger children would probably enjoy some aspects.

The book is a mix of a story following Alan and Conner…. two brothers with very different belief systems… and a theology textbook or Biblical research document.  The story is a mix of fiction and fact that takes you from ancient times to present day exploring dinosaur hunting, an Egyptian diary written in Moses time, and an oil field in Kenya. The book itself is a handy resource as it highlights many of the mainstream arguments against Creation as well as some that are not so mainstream. It answers many of the questions that typically come up in creation vs. evolution conversations. One such example is a long list of humans recalling images of dinosaurs (or dragons) that supposedly went extinct 65 million years ago.

I so appreciate people who are smarter than me and passionate about science and research and Scripture. Pursued to Eternity is a fantastic resource and an easy read. I would totally recommend adding it to your teen’s reading list or as a family read aloud.

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