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Know your weaknesses people! When I meet with homeschoolers and potential homeschoolers to help figure out what fits for their family or how they should proceed with curriculum choices, etc., I always tell them to know their weaknesses. We cannot all be strong at all the things. It is ok to admit that you aren’t a math person. Because I am not a math person, I always look for resources, curriculum, math help, games… anything to help my children succeed in this subject I failed so miserably! Recently, we were introduced to Baggin’ The Dragon Maths Online from Australian based company, EdAlive.

Baggin’ The Dragon Maths Online is an online subscription program that uses adaptive learning to help students build a solid foundation in math and build problem solving and thinking skills. The program is designed for ages 5-15 and beyond!

If you’ve read my reviews before, you’ll know there are a couple of things that are important to me when it comes to online program… beyond content, that is… content is number 1. I look for the program to be visually appealing and easy to navigate. Baggin’ The Dragon Maths Online meets both of those expectations for me. I will say that the graphics do look a little “old school”… there is nothing wrong with them… they just seem to be an older form of animation.

My two girls (4th and 6th grade) have their own log in for the game. Their individual progress is tracked and easily accessed through their personal dashboard. When we log on, the screen gives the option to start a new game, view progress, or simply practice questions. My girls can easily see how they are proceeding in the game.

It appears that the game is interactive and kids can play with other kids. Although I do not see a chat function or ways to talk… which I think is a good thing! Kids can choose to play a quick game, join a game already in progress, host a game or play vs the computer.

In our experience, if players do not join the game, it auto starts vs. the computer. This way kids aren’t left out of a game if others aren’t available to play.

Here is an example of a question. Because this program utilizes adaptive learning, it reads the ability level of the player and adjusts the difficulty level of the questions. Students can choose to answer or click “Too Hard.”

The game is fun and interactive. The student rolls the dice and picks the direction in which they want their game token to move. They have to watch out for the stocks where they might get locked up. They also need a certain amount of strength to be able to gain courage. They gain strength as they answer questions correctly. They get two chances to answer correctly. They need both strength and courage to battle the dragon at the end!

As far as online learning games go, this one is pretty straight forward. The only thing I’m not a fan of is that the basic, quick game still takes about thirty minutes to complete. We would have liked for it to be a little shorter timewise. Both of my girls really enjoyed playing. We would suggest having some scrap paper available for those problems that might be hard to work out just using mental math.

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2 Thoughts on “Baggin’ The Dragon Maths Online- A Review”

  • Thank you for your review of Baggin’ the Dragon Maths. We’re glad to hear that you have enjoyed it! 😀

    So you can get more out of it when you are on the go, I recommend looking at the option to choose the length of your game by minutes. This means you choose a game from 5-50 minutes depending on what you want. Alternatively you have fun trying the questions only section for some quick revision.

    All the best and have fun!

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