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If you’ve been with me for a while, you will have seen reviews from Home School in the Woods. Y’all… this company is on point. Their stuff is so solid and so versatile. If you haven’t used them before… well, what are you waiting for?!?! The most recent product we have had the privilege of reviewing is the Ancient Egypt study from the Project Passport World History Series. This study is geared for 3rd-8th grade and is packed with tons of hands on activities, information, and more.

At the time I picked Project Passport World History Series- Ancient Egypt for my review, I was planning to teach an ancient geography class to middle schoolers. I thought this would be a great resource to add into my lesson plans. Since then, my plans have changed, but I am so excited to have this study in my homeschool wheelhouse. I happen to have two children of my own that fall into the 3rd- 8th grade range who like learning about history.

The study is set up as if you are traveling through Ancient Egypt. Your itinerary includes 25 stops with project choices for each one.


  • Creative Writing
  • A “Dining Out Guide” of Recipes
  • A File Folder Game
  • A “Scrapbook of Sights” for storing notebook projects
  • A Newspaper “The Kemet Chronicle”
  • A “Snapshot Moments in History” Scrapbook Timeline
  • “Postcards from Famous Folks”
  • Souvenir Craft Cards with a dozen 3-D projects to make
  • Over a dozen Lap Book Projects …and much more!
  • Also included are eight Dramatized Audio Tours, over an hour of listening! Join “King Tut’s Tours” as Agatha (your tour guide) and Brian (your coach driver) take you on various excursions, such as a tour down the Nile, an interview with an embalmer, a pyramid under construction, and an interview with Akhenaton!

This Project Passport World History Studies- Ancient Egypt is delivered straight to your inbox in a zip file. Most computers and devices are equipped to unzip your files. I did download a zip file extractor on my iPad. Once you unzip the files, you’ll find several well labeled folders containing PDFS, MP3s, and pics of your study. The images are provided so you know what the completed projects look like. There is a separate folder for lapbook images for the same purpose. You can use it as a guide to know how to assemble the lap book. Lapbooks are an awesome way to do unit studies. You complete mini projects through your study and attach them to file folders for a great final project. When you open the PDF folder, you’ll find more folders with individual pieces to the study like your itineraries, your text, master copies, teachers guide, etc. Seriously… everything is there to make this a wonderful unit study for you and your students.

If you have a child who enjoys hands on learning, Home School in the Woods is a fantastic option. They hit the various learning styles… audio, visual, and kinesthetic. I, personally, love lap books. I have 2 children that like them and 2 that do not. For my ones that do not, I will often help with the cutting and gluing (that seems to be where the breakdown happens). As the homeschool parent/ teacher, you get to adapt as you see fit! One of my favorite activities in this particular study was the making of mud bricks. Again… I have some kids that like to get messy and some that REALLY do not! So… we adapt and encourage and all learn together. My middle schooler enjoyed making the papyrus scroll. (Sorry for no pics on this one guys. I was in the moment!)

I talk with A LOT of homeschoolers on a regular basis. One common theme I hear over and over is the desire for something that is open and go with little to no prep work. Many people are choosing homeschooling, but very overwhelmed at the idea of planning and executing all the things involved in their children’s education. Home School in the Woods offers many open and go unit studies. You could build your entire school year just using their materials (throw some math in there too… just for good measure).

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