Once upon a time, I had a other blogs. I had one that was focused on my life musings. It evolved over time and I started offering a plethora of various printables that were homeschool focused. I also had a blog that was all about planning… I designed planner stickers with various themes that people could download and print at home as well as other fun printables. Life happened and it became too difficut to manage those blogs. I took a break for a while and decided to start fresh with this blog a couple of years ago.

Well.. I STILL have all those printables that I made once upon a time just sitting on a thumb drive in my desk. SO… I thought… why not offer them here!?! If you see the watermark “www.wellnurturedplantsandpillars.com” or “www.ninjamomdesigns.com” … just ignore them. Those are my previous blogs.

Now.. I know when I go to a website looking for a recipe or a free printable, it is not my most favorite thing to have to scroll through a story about Great Aunt Beulah’s cataract surgery just to get to the thing I really want.

I could just go ahead and give you the printable without you having to read/ scroll down… but what’s the fun in that?!?

I work with preteens and teens. I have preteens and teens in my home. I love them. I really, really do. If you are a parent of young children and someone says something to you along the lines of “just wait until they are teenagers” (implying the worst is yet to come)… you just shut that down. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Teenagers are amazing… they are so fun. I had a house full of high schoolers the other night for a game night. The boys all decided to have a Super Smash Bros tournament on the Nintendo Switch… now… this is where they lose me. I have no idea how to play the Switch. You give me a good old fashion Nintendo and Super Mario Bros 3… and I’m all set.


Somehow they needed another player for the tournament and somehow I had to be that player. They were great. One of my son’s best friends plopped down next to me and taught me how to play and cheered me on when I crushed my opponent (don’t worry… it didn’t go to my head. I lost in the second round). Teens are great… and loving… and loud… and fun! In large groups of people, I find myself gravitating towards the teens… and they don’t shun me. I have built a lot of relationship credit with them over the last few years. They can tell when you are genuine and when you are not. You don’t have to put on a show for teens. In fact, I ask a lot of questions… like “what is a bop?” and “what does it mean when you say a song really slaps.” I also beg them not to use words that I have to look up in Urban Dictionary.

Not everyone needs to be working in youth ministry. I get that. I may not be your cup of tea… but if you have teen and preteen children, I would encourage you to make space for them and their friends. Don’t grit your teeth and expect the worst. The teen years can be awesome. Provide space for them to hang out… maybe a card game or two… and cookies… then you’re all set!

What in the world does this have to do with today’s printable about putting laundry away and punching in the face???

One other thing I’ve learned about teens is to be direct and use humor. Now… be careful… while most teens are fluent in sarcasm… some are not. Know your audience.

Last week, I was in Nashville, TN with a group of teens on a mission trip. One of the boys looked straight at me one morning before I had my coffee and said, “Wow… you look dead inside.”

I replied with, “You and me… we are going to fight.”

Sometimes teens need a little shock value for motivation. Hopefully today’s printable will give you the shock and humor you need to get that laundry put away! Oh my word… my kids and laundry. They each have a laundry day. They are super great (for the most part) about getting the laundry started… and even switching it over to the dryer… But the breakdown happens when the laundry has to be removed from the dryer, taken to the room, folded… and GASP… put into the drawers. I have more than one child that lives out of their basket all week instead of putting it away. The dirty clothes just pile up all around.

For today’s Flashback Freebie Printable,

You can print the PDF and frame it in a document frame. Or save the JPEG (right click and save image) and print it out through your favorite photo printing service.

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Click the link below the image to download the printable PDF.

Enjoy your Friday (or whatever day you happen to stumble upon this post)!

By the way.. I hope this goes without say, but I am not REALLY saying to punch people in the face. Please don’t do that.

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