Welcome to another edition of Flashback Freebie Friday!!! As you may remember, I used to have a different blog. It went through many changes and eventually became a place to provide free printables and encouragement to fellow homeschoolers. When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, I took a step back from all things blogging, realizing it was too much to try to manage. Once she was through treatment and we resumed life again (as normally as possible), I really just didn’t have the energy to keep going with the blog so I let it go.

A couple of years ago, I was encouraged to begin building an online presence and decided to start fresh with this blog! I still have all these printables from years past and thought it would be fun to make them available once again. If you see the name “Ninja Mom Designs” or “Well Nurtured Plants and Pillars” on the bottom of the printables… no worries… those are still me!

Once upon a time, my kids were VERY into Legos. My son, especially, was obsessed. A couple of years ago, he brought me his giant tubs of Lego bricks and informed me that he no longer needed them. I think a little piece of me died inside. These are a toy that I will be putting away for the grandkids (that we will hopefully one day have). My oldest daughter was also very into Legos and collected several of the Lego Friends sets. My younger two never really were interested. However, we’ve been watching Lego Masters on Fox and my youngest… who LOVES to have order and cleanliness… asked if we could organize our Lego bricks. She and I went to the Dollar Tree and got several small tubs and set to organizing by color. She may never actually build much with them… but at least they will be organized!!!

A Work in Progress

At the height of my son’s love of bricks, I made several printable challenges and games. In fact, I used to create a monthly brick challenge with different building challenges for every day of the month! Stay tuned… I may make them available here at some point!

For today’s Flashback Freebie, I found a Building Brick File Folder Matching Game. If you don’t know what a file folder game is, you are really missing out! I used these all the time when I was a preschool teacher. File folder games are independent activities that you can grab on the go and then can be folded up and tucked away. They’re usually colorful and often feature exciting themes and images, which makes them extra fun for kids. You usually have pieces that you glue into the file folder and then game pieces that can be easily stored in a ziplock bag and paper clipped to the file folder. Or you could create a little pocket on the back of the folder in which to keep your game pieces.

Now… you don’t HAVE to turn this game into a file folder game. It could simply be a matching game and that’s ok too! You may want to laminate the pieces to make it last longer.

Click the link BELOW the image to download today’s freebie:

Thanks for stopping by today. Feel free to download and print this freebie as you see fit. If you post on social media, be sure to give me a little shout out! I’m on Facebook and Instagram at the Delight Directed Homeschooler!!

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