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I work with 6th-12th graders at my church. Long ago, I worked in children’s ministry at a large church in Atlanta. I have volunteered to teach Sunday School and Vacation Bible School in years past. As I have grown and observed my own kids and their friends, my hope and aim that rings loudest is Biblical literacy. What I mean by Bibical literacy can be summed up as: I want my kids to know the Bible. I want them to not just know it, but be comfortable, competent, and confident in using it. When tools come along to aid in this hope, I’m thrilled. A recent book we were given through the Review Crew is Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible by Danika Cooley, published by Bethany House Publishers.

With all the things in the world we want to impart to our children before we launch them into the world, homeschooling can get very overwhelming, very quicky. How in the world are we supposed to launch successful scientist, linguists, mathematicians, artists, cartographers, and Biblical scholars. Newsflash… you can’t. But don’t we sometimes feel like that is the goal. … like all eyes are on us to make sure we are doing everything perfectly. Another newsflash… you aren’t perfect… and neither are your children… and neither is your homeschool.

If you are a Christian, I would really encourage you to pray and ask what the Lord would have for your homeschool. I have a feeling that knowing Him is probably at the top of the list. Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible will give you “tools and confidence to study the Bible as a family.” This book is all about overcoming fears and overwhelmedness and digging in to build a family Bible study habit. I will say it is simply not enough to take your children to Sunday school or send them to youth group and hope for the best. We must be teaching our children to value Scripture in our homes. This world is becoming increasingly hostile towards Christians. It is really important to teach our children to recognize truth and know what the Bible actually says.

The book is a quick read- about 200 pages. It is broken up into 3 parts:

  1. You’re the Leader
  2. Faithful Reading
  3. Daily Walk

The first section is all about how to incorporate Scripture into your daily rhythm in age appropriate ways. The second section is a good reminder to not let our feelings interpret life, but rather look intelligently at Scripture. Read the Bible in a way that is understanding the actual meaning and not just what we feel it means. One way to do this is understand the historical context of the book. The third section is full of hands-on, practical advice- especially when it comes to Scripture memory.

The question that is posed at the end of the book has to do with the legacy we are leaving with our children. We are, in fact, leaving a legacy whether we are intentional or not. So… why not be intentional? Why not leave a spiritual legacy? Can you even begin to fathom that your dinner table conversations about God’s word could impact generations to come?

Whether you are just starting out with young children or have teens, I highly recommed you grab a copy of Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible. With all the voices and images and words trying to snatch your child’s attention… it is crucial we help provide them with a anchor to keep them grounded .

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