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If I could give you a piece of advice in concerns to homeschooling, it would be to have your kids master their basic math facts. Speel drills are a great way to do this! If they don’t have their basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts memorized and mastered, the higher level math will be miserable. They will spend so much time trying to figure out the basic operations that by the time they get to the hard stuff of the problem, their brain will be fried! We were recently given Math Essentials Speed Wheel Drills by Richard W. Fisher from Math Essentials to review.

Just like building muscle memory when playing sports or an instrument, we can teach our children to build mental muscle memory. To have quick recall for math facts is an important skill to have. TRUST ME. We spent three years in Algebra with my oldest. I think much of the frustration could have been avoided if he had spent the time early on to memorize and master the facts.

We received three work books from Math Essentials. Speed Wheel Drills for Addition, Division, and Multiplication. These books are designed with the goal of instant recall. We were famliar with the speed wheel layout because my son used the book Mastering Math Essentials, also by Richard W. Fisher, last year in school.

The books each contain 1440 Speed Wheel Drills to help make instant recall of number facts easier. These are fast and fun! in addition to the speed wheel drills, there are tips for students and a math resource center. The math resource center in the back of the book contains such things as a math glossary, important symbols, a multiplication table, fraction/ decimal equivalents, answer key, and more.

To do a speed wheel drill, students set a timer, complete the wheel, then check their work. They record their number of correct answers as well as their time. The idea being they will see improvement as they keep going. Students can work at their own pace and complete one or several wheels at a time. My son completed two per day to keep his mental math sharp.

Math drills have become a regular part of our school day. Books like the Math Essentials Speed Wheel Drills are great for summer learning as well as daily practice during the school year. This is such a simple and effective way to help your students with the building blocks they need to be successful with math. Take the time… it is worth it! My girls love to tell me when they beat their best time!

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