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We recently got to review Archer and Zowie by Hans Bluedorn. You may recognize the name from the popular book Fallacy Detective. This newest book does not have the focus of logic like Fallacy Detective…. rather, it is a science fiction book about friendship.

When a kitchen science experiment goes wrong, Archer and Zowie discover the microwave can now do so much more than heat up food. Now called the “Teleportee,” the microwave can do things like produce a hot pastrami sandwich, milk, soda pop, a fork, a miniature nuclear reactor, a German Shepherd puppy… just to name a few.

Written as a script, rather than a novel, this book is filled with imagination and humor. The book is geared for upper elementary and middle school. It is a paper back book with 18 chapters and 233 pages. It is a very quick read. The illustrations are quirky, black and white drawings.

The characters, Archie and Zowie, remind me of my older two. Archer is more of a planner where Zowie is ready for adventure at a moment’s notice. Archer wears aviator goggles and glasses. Zowie wears a cardboard robot suit that contains all she needs for her adventures. Though they are completely different, Archie and Zowie have a great friendship and get along… most of the time.

Mayhem ensues when the babysitter gets sick and basically leaves Archer and Zowie unattended. They somehow get her credit card and are able to make crazy purchases through the teleportee. Somehow, with the help of the teleportee, Archer and Zowie get pulled through the universe and meet interesting aliens and creatures along the way. Eventually, Zowie realizes the downfall of the teleportee and gets rid of it. Spoiler alert… the teleportee now has a mind of its own and seeks revenge!!

Finding good books for tweens that don’t contain adult themes, bad language, or witchcraft is quite the task in today’s world.

In Archer and Zowie, we find a unique and funny book … that is… wait for it… clean and kid friendly! What the what?!? It’s true. If you are looking for a lot of educational content… this probably isn’t the book for you. I believe it is ok for our kids to read books just for the sake of reading. We don’t have to school-ify everything. This is a cute, funny book about friendship, finding courage, being kind, and working things out.

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