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Somehow, in the last couple of years, I found myself with high schoolers in the home. I told them over and over again that they were not to grow up… but they didn’t listen and now we are staring in the face of high school graduations, college, adulthood… They said it would go fast… and they were right!!

If you have a college bound high schooler in the home, let me go ahead and recommend that you look into the ACT Mom Online Course from ACT Mom. We received a one year access through the Homeschool Review Crew. Once enrolled, students will gain access to the online class and receive a binder in the mail filled with practice tests. The online class is self-paced and it is divided into four sections: Math, Reading, Science, and English.

The online course is self-paced. Students can spend as much or as little time as they need on a section. The class is set up so they must complete a lesson before they can advance to the next. In North Carolina, one of our requirements to homeschool is to complete standardized testing once a year. I spend so much time telling parents not to stress and don’t worry about teaching to the test. They just have to check the box and then they can file away the results and not worry about them. We don’t even have to turn anything in to the state.

Well!!! This is not the case with the ACT. For my college bound kids, standardized tests like the SAT and the ACT are a given. This is actually a test where you need to “teach to the test” and that is exactly what the ACT Mom Online Course does!!

Each section, or module, provides video instruction, practice questions, and answers with explanation to each of the practice questions. If your student takes 1-2 hours each week to work through the course, they should complete it in about 20 weeks.

With access to the videos, and because this is a self- paced program, students can watch over and over before moving to the practice tests. There is plenty of time and material to provide mastery. In the binder we received, the practice tests are in page protectors. We also received a dry erase marker, sticky notes, and a protein (meal replacement) bar. Students can complete the practice test, get the results, then wipe it off and try again. The binder includes the scoring key as well. We also got access to the PDF printables while we were waiting for our binder to arrive.

The ACT Mom Online course provides a rich learning environment in which to prepare for the ACT in a non- stressful manner. Navigating the website once you are registered is incredibly easy. You can see your progress and what is coming on the left hand menu. As mentioned before, you can watch the videos as many times as needed and you can take and retake quizzes. My oldest is in 11th grde. It is time for him to be preparing for the ACT. The ACT Mom Online course is part of his weekly rhythm. I anticipate he will be well prepared by the end of the school year and ready to conquer the test.

Spoiler alert- you don’t have to be a homeschooler to take advantage of this program!! ACT Mom is a great option for anyone with students who need to prepare for the ACT. I, for one, am super thankful for the knowledge and training that comes with this program. No need to reinvent the wheel when all this glorious work has been done for us!

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