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Y’all… my kids are terrible when it comes to money math! I love our math curriculum, but it doesn’t do much to focus on coin identification and money math. We have all come up lacking. Recently, we were given the chance to review Buck Making Cents by Dustin Goss and illustrated by Febyolla Goss from Buck Academy. If you are looking for money lessons to teach your 5- 10 year old child about money, you may want to check this out!

For the review, we received Buck Making Cents and Quick Cents to a Buck. Buck Making Cents is a hardback book that is interactive and engaging. The main character is Buck, a dollar, who helps break down the basics to what it takes to “make a buck.” Even though my kids are woefully lacking in money sense, I think this book might have been a little young for my ten year old. However, it was a good review for her. The book has 29 pages. The final page gives an exhortation to “Value Knowledge. Gift it forward.” This is an encouragement to use the book, glean all you can, and then gift it away to pass the knowledge forward. That’s pretty cool, right? The book is very sturdy and the pages durable to be used over and over again.

The coin illustrations are foil and look like real coins. This makes the experience that much more authentic. The book helps children understand money and begin to think about saving and investing. There are also US Coin fun facts included in the book. In my experience, it is the fun or interesting facts that really make a book memorable.

Several pages have questions for children to answer. The answer key can be found at the bottom of the page, upside down.

BUCK Making Cents is for ages 5-10 is a hardcover book that is divided into 3 short chapters:

  • Making Cents
  • How Many Cents Can A Buck Buy
  • Memory Bank

The booklet Quick Cents to a Buck has only 6 pages, is paperback, and focuses on how the coins work together to make a buck.

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