Confession… today is not Friday. But “Freebie Friday” rolls off the tongue much better than “I wanted to post a freebie Saturday.”

Either way! You get a freebie!!!!

So… now is the time when I tell you a story of my childhood and how it impacted my life today so much that I needed to make printable Ugly Sweater Gift Tags. That’s how freebie posts work, right? Maybe that’s just for recipe posts? You know what I’m talking about, right? You’re looking up a recipe or searching for a last minute printable party swag and you have to scroll through paragraph after paragraph of childhood memories with dear Aunt Greta just to get to what you came for.

Ok… another confession… I woke up in a bad mood this morning… so maybe I’m a little snarkier today than I’d like to admit.

I am terrible at planning ahead. I plan some things and then let others fall to the wayside. Gift tags is one of those things. My children’s gifts at Christmas are usually just labeled with their names written in Sharpie on the wrapping paper. A couple of weeks ago, I made treat bags for all of the dear teachers at our homeschool co op. I thought to just put them out on the table and tell the teachers to grab one. But then I realized that students pass that table as well… and who knows if a student would be feeling a might bit peckish and grab a treat bag thinking that no one would miss it. So I decided to label the bags with the teachers’ names. But there were no gift tags to be found in our house. So… I took to the interwebs and found some cute printable tags.

To return the favor of the gracious soul who provided the tags, I thought I’d make some of my own to offer to weary Christmas merry makers who need a finishing touch to their Christmas presents.

I created some Ugly Sweater Clip art a few years back when I was designing and blogging regularly as Ninja Mom Designs. I pulled out the clip art and put together these printable tags for you good people.

To download the printable version, simply click the link below the image. I recommend printing on cardstock.

Enjoy and Merry One Week until Christmas!

No pressure… but if you use the tags and want to give a little shout out on social media, feel free to tag me on Instagram- @thedelightdirectedhomeschooler.

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