Disclaimer: I received this Complimentary Product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

The 2022 Homeschool Review Crew has kicked off! I’ve already received some great products and am really excited to share them with you throughout this year. For this review, I’ll be sharing about Math Mammoth. Specifically, I’m sharing about the Math Mammoth Complete Curriculum for Grade 5 (Light Blue Series).

In my researching homeschool math curriculum, I’ve heard of Math Mammoth. I’ve never had the chance to get my hands on the curriculum and really take a good look at it. Never had the chance… until now!

We received our products through digital download. I have a love/ hate relationship with digital downloads, if I’m honest. I love that it’s easily accessible. I love that I can print only the pages I need. I am, however, a big fan of physical books and pages. I like to be able to flip. I like to be able to see the big picture without having to scroll. 

With that being said, Math Mammoth Complete Curriculum is well organized as a digital download and the material is easy to navigate. 

The download came in a zip file. Most computers and devices have the ability to unzip such files. Once unzipped, I found folders containing:

  1. Student Work Texts
  2. Test
  3. For Review
  4. Cut Outs
  5. Bonus Software*

*I have a Mac and got a notification when I tried to open the software that it is for Windows and not supported by Mac. To be honest, I did not investigate further so I cannot speak to whether or not this can be accessed by Mac users. 

In addition to the folders, there is a list of the common core standards covered if you’re into that kind of thing. 

This is not an online program, but rather downloadable workbooks and worksheets. 

The skills covered in the Complete Curriculum for Grade Five include:

  • Four Operations
  • Large Numbers and Calculators
  • Problem Solving
  • Decimals Part 1
  • Graphing and Statistics
  • Decimals Part 2
  • Fractions: Add and Subtract
  • Fractions: Multiply and Divide
  • Geometry

Each chapter begins with an introduction as well as a list of helpful websites and games. The lessons themselves begin with examples and instructions, followed by practice problems. Math Mammoth is mastery-based, which means it concentrates on a few major topics at a time, in order to study them in depth.The worktext format includes teaching information directly on the worksheets. Pages are produced in full color. For review, the curriculum includes a worksheet maker (Internet access required), mixed review lessons, additional cumulative review lessons, and the word problems continually require usage of past concepts.

So… for us personally. I love the idea of mastery. It has always worked better for my kids. I think it is smart to master a topic before moving on. However… we just aren’t workbook people. I have a lot of auditory learners in my family that benefit from hearing the instruction. Just reading it in the workbook isn’t enough. 

I really do like the list of extra online resources given at the beginning of each chapter. These include a lot of games to reinforce knowledge as well as worksheet generators and just extra helps in general. 

I don’t think I would classify Math Mammoth as an open and go curriculum. This still takes prep work on the part of the parent and maybe a little more instruction time than would with a video based or online curriculum. Author Maria Miller encourages parents to choose when to use the various sections rather than just plow straight through each book.  It is very solid and complete and gives a great education. If you are looking for a workbook based math program, this would be a great one! Plus… it is super affordable!

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