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We are a game kind of family. We often have family game nights and love adding to our ever growing collection. When we find a game that is engaging and educational… well… that’s just a win! We were recently given the chance to review TRIVE from GOZIMUS Enterprises, LLC. 

As our kids have gotten older (I don’t even want to talk about the fact that they are teens and going to leave me one day and launch into the big wide world… I know this is normal… I know God is faithful… I know they will be fine… but I don’t want to talk about it), conversations have gone deeper, life goals are emerging… and well… they are just amazing humans that I happen to love doing life with. In our instant gratification culture, TRIVE is a refreshing activity that helps teens to look beyond the present moment and communicate about desires and how to have the potential to actually reach those goals. 

TRIVE is all about putting aside phones and the ever demanding attention of social media to have actual, meaningful, face to face conversations. 

According to the website, a “trive” is a “small group of friends or family who meet face-to-face and share, discover, achieve, and celebrate personal goals through conversations.” The idea is to harken back to a time before phones when people actually talked to each other… gasp!

Now… let me take a moment to do a subtle brag… well… actually a praise to the Lord for his faithfulness. While our family does have phones and tablets, our kids are not glued to them. They know how to set them down and engage. For that, I am thankful. 

So… let’s get down to the nitty gritty. 

The game is designed to play with 4-6 people, ages 15 and up. 

In your box, you will find:

  • TRIVE instruction booklet
  • 50 Goal Cards
  • 50 Review Cards
  • 100 Quotable Cards
  • TRIVE Leader Notebook
  • Online TRIVE Guide

There are three phases of TRIVE. 

  1. The Discovery Session
  2. Achievement
  3. The Review Session

The Discovery Session begins the game. You gather together and choose a person to be the TRIVE leader. This person is a scribe of sorts who writes down each person’s goals. They are also responsible for keeping the discussion on track, engaged, and motivated. They also help establish awards. Before the discovery session, each participant is encouraged to be thinking about three personal goals they wish to achieve over the next six months. Discussion is a huge part of the Discovery Session. The instructions and materials that come in the box are very easy to follow and helpful to promote productive conversation and goal setting. 

Achievement happens over the course of six months. During this time, TRIVE members are working towards their goals. The TRIVE leader connects to the TRIVE website and inputs info to be able to receive a series of emails to be shared with the TRIVE members. These emails include reminders of the TRIVE’s goal commitments, coaching advice, and inspiring quotes. This game is a practice in endurance and commitment. It is meant to take time. 

The Review Session takes about 1-2 hours, depending on how many members are in your TRIVE. This is a time to review, discuss, and recognize each member’s work towards the achievement of their goals. Ultimately, there are two winners in the game of TRIVE: ​​the Champion is the person with the highest number of achievement points in meeting their goal. The Best Coach award goes to the coach who was best at encouraging and helping their family member reach the goal.

Full disclosure, this game arrived at the height of a very busy season in the life of our family. My sixteen year old is working, teaching, and taking classes. My fifteen year old just started a Shakespeare production in addition to her other classes and weekly babysitting commitments. We have not fully jumped into TRIVE, but I am looking forward to things slowing down this summer and being able to sit down and give it the proper attention needed. We will set aside a night in June and plan our goals to take us through December. 

Be sure to visit the TRIVE website: https://connectthetrive.com/

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One Thought on “TRIVE- A Review”

  • Dear Katie,

    As the creator of TRIVE I thank you for the time and extremely thoughtful work you put into reviewing my product.

    TRIVE is a purpose driven project for me, intended to help teens and young adults find their way, and parents be better parents. Given this important mission I take all feedback seriously.

    I hope you have an opportunity to open TRIVE when your schedule settles down a bit this summer. From personal experience I consider your kids – and you – will benefit greatly working through the process.

    Thank you again for your efforts. At a time when our society is being pulled apart TRIVE offers a new way to bring families together. The process places parents and young adults on par with each other, opening and encouraging valuable dialogue that can over time establish a foundation to great achievements for all participants. As noted by so many, it is more than just a game!

    I sincerely appreciate your interest and support.

    To Great Achievements,


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