Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We are big fans of IEW (The Institute for Excellence in Writing) at our house. So, of course, when the opportunity to review one of their products, I jumped at it. We were given Fix It! Grammar: Robin Hood. If you are looking for a good language arts curriculum, specifically grammar… look no further… trust me!

The program touts that you can “successfully learn grammar in only 15 minutes a day!” The Fix It! Grammar books go through a complete story throughout the course of the book. The story we received is the story of Robin Hood. Each week, there is a passage from the story that my student works on while learning different grammatical concepts. The entire story can be found at the end of the book in the appendix.

Fix It! Grammar: Robin Hood has thirty weekly lessons. Each week is broken into four days. Each week begins with a “Learn It!” section. This introduces new concepts with definitions and examples. This section also shows how to make the corrections needed.

We received the Teacher’s Manual, The Student Guide, and a set of Grammar cards. On the practice pages for the week, students are easily able to see the concepts they are working on. The can look at the top of the page and see “Read It!”, “Mark It!”, and “Fix It!” These three sections help to keep the student on track and gives direction on how the page it to be completed.

After completing the edits and corrections, students then rewrite the corrected passage.

My girl’s favorite part of Fix It! Grammar is looking up the vocabulary word. Every day, there is a bold printed word in the passage. The student is to look up the word in the dictionary and find the definition that best fits the context of the story.

The whole process takes less than fifteen minutes per day.The teacher’s manual is great and complete and leaves nothing up for question. If you aren’t feeling very confident in your grammar skills, don’t worry, Fix It! Grammar is a great option. The teacher’s manual has a super helpful grammar glossary in the back of the book!

The books are not leveled according to grades, but rather ability. Start with level 1 and let your student work their way up as they are able… kind of like how you learn a musical instrument. You start at the beginning and build from there. It is a solid program that utilizes repitition to ensure mastery. The editing skills students learn will flow well into creating excellent writers.

My daughter used the Robin Hood book when she was in 8th grade. They have since updated the books. We received the updated books and I really like the changes they made. The font is bigger and the daily work is spread out rather than the whole week being on one page.

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