This month has just been one thing after another. We came home from Christmas travels and celebrated the New Year. We had two family birthdays with an ice storm in between. Next came our biannual trip to St. Jude in Memphis where we walked away with clear scans for my nine year old cancer survivor. And today, as I am writing this, I am waiting to go back for a surgery that is long over due… a toe amputation. Maybe I’ll write more on that at another time.

As far as our week in review:

  1. We hit the books Monday morning, catching up on Math and Language Arts.
  2. My oldest is doing biology through Schoolhouse Teachers. This week, he was tasked with comparing cheek cells to cells from a banana peel. Not going to lie, I felt very accomplished as a homeschool mom as we pulled out the microscope, q tips, and scalpel to put together the slides.
  3. My oldest also fancies himself to be a filmmaker. On his own, he wrote a script, recruited actors and crew, and has completed multiple filming days at multiple filming locations. Yesterday, he hosted his second to last big filming day.
  4. I have a very wiggly nine year old. She often has to walk or dance while she works. Everytime she does psych and cognitive testing at St. Jude, they ask me if we have considered medication for ADHD. I gently explain that we homeschool and she is thriving and thank you, but no medication for now.
  5. I’m waiting to go back for surgery not is an odd feeling to be the one hooked up to the IV instead of the caretaker.

What was your week like? If you make a collage and post on Instagram, be sure to tag me: @thedelightdirectedhomeschooler

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