I have increasingly become not a fan of winter. I am trying to remember that I used to like it. I would relish the magic of a snow covered landscape. I would set bowls out to collect snow for snow cream. We would bake cookies and drink hot chocolate. I didn’t mind the constant wet trail from the door to the dryer where the snowsuits lay in a heap. These last few years, the snow and ice have been trauma triggers for me. They remind me of a time where our family was flipped upside down and placed violently on a different plane of life. The day my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor was also a day when a historic snow storm came to visit our town. Now… I don’t put much stock in the “historic” label anymore. I think we have had at least three of four epic and historic snow storms since then. I am trying to redeem snow days… recapture the magic of it all.

I had surgery on Friday and haven’t been out of the house. Well, let’s be honest… haven’t really been out of bed save for the couple of adventures out to the couch. I have no concept of what’s happening in the world at large. I started seeing school closings in Atlanta yesterday on Facebook. If you live in the Carolinas, it is a good rule of thumb to pay attention to the weather in Atlanta. If they have a dusting of snow, we usually get several inches. It is when the snow comes up from Atlanta that we get the epic and historical storms. Now, of course, I am no weatherman and I know that this is not a fact… but it kind of is.

I woke up this morning to find that our schools have been cancelled as well. I thought maybe I should check the weather and see what is happening. Now, mind you, we are homeschoolers. We do not get snow days. I prefer to give my kids “sun days”… when the weather is so nice and we just want to be outside all day… that is when we cancel school. However… seeing as how I am recovering from surgery and not altogether with it this week, it might be a good idea to step away from the normal rhythms of homeschool and break out a few fun activities.

How does a delight directed homeschooler do snow days? Well… check out this fantastic list of snow day activities. Select a couple, bake some cookies, watch The Magic Schoolbus and some YouTube videos on blizzards, and call it a day.

Snow Day Activity Round Up

  1. Make Snow Paint (Art- Check)
  2. Indoor Ski Ball (PE- Check)
  3. Make a Snow Volcano (Science- Check)
  4. Snow Day Bingo (This one has a FREE Printable)
  5. Indoor Obstacle Course (and many more indoor activities)
  6. Just getting Ice and No Snow??? Make Indoor Fake Snow!
  7. Snow Slime
  8. Have and Indoor Campout
  9. Homemade Playdough, Box Fort, and More
  10. Indoor Snowball Painting

What do you do on snow days? Is it school as usual? Do you take a break from the norm to try out some fun activities? Do you bake? Do you drink more coffee? Play board games? Comment below and share the love!

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