I am still recovering from surgery and this week has had beautiful weather in Western North Carolina. The combination of those two things have made it difficult to concentrate on all things school… and that’s ok! This is when being a “delight-directed homeschooler” really comes into play.

Top Left: The weather this week has been unbeliveably gorgeous. We have spent countless hours outside. Yesterday, I just didn’t have the heart or energy to call them in for school. Our base of operations for most things school is in our downstairs playroom. There is only one window and it is really cold… it is my favorite room in the house, but on a beautiful and sunny day, it can be rather dark and dungeon like. I called an audible and scrapped language arts for the day. I met the kids outside with their math, some blank drawing paper, and some oil pastels. I asked them to complete their math and then find something in nature to observe and draw. Their eyes lit up and off they went… even the teenager.

Top Middle: I have a small side business making custom shirts. This guy has been asking me for a hoodie for the last month. He wanted something to alert those around him to his introverted nature. He was so excited when I actually finished it and told me that the hoodie even came with “introvert strings.”

Top Right: Somehow we became the care takers for several bows and arrows. This little gal has taken it upon herself to learn to shoot. She may have a future in the sport. The other day, she casually said that she was going to practice her bow and arrowing. I nodded my head as I ate my lunch. I didn’t click until about ten minutes later that I sent my seven year old out into the world- armed.

Middle Left: We took a family trip to my doctor to see how my foot is progressing after surgery. The kids have a Valentines Party today so we had to make a quick trip into Target to pick up candy… and slushies… and sit on the big red balls out front.

Middle Middle: Prepping for our Homeschool Valentine Skate Party! This is one of my kids’ favorite events of the year… even the teenager gets excited!

Middle Right and Bottom Left: This is a homeschool win right here. The girls have been doing a Science class through Schoolhouse Teachers. We were talking about animal habitats and environments. Each of the girls (ages 12, 9, and 7) took it upon themselves to research an animal habitat. They each came up with different ways to present their findings. The twelve year old put together a Google Slide Show about the Amazon Rain Forest. The nine year old created a book about the Great Barrier Reef. The seven year old put together a diorrama about Asian animals… specifically tigers. This is the beauty of delight directed homeschooling- you set them up and let them take it to the next step.

Bottom Middle: We are learning about osmosis using eggs, vinegar, and karo syrup. You might be a homeschooler if you find random science experiments in your kitchen.

Bottom Right: We went to the library! Library day requires a big bag and a wagon! I absolutely love our library. The librarians are my friends. They know my kids. The children’s library is a separate room and is inviting and engaging. We love library day!

What did your homeschool week look like? If you post a collage on Instagram, be sure to tag me and let me know! @thedelightdirectedhomeschooler

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