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Who doesn’t love mail?!?! Seriously… my girls offer to go get the mail every day, but I don’t want them to. I like doing it. As I walk to the mailbox everyday, I imagine what might be waiting just inside. Usually, admittedly, it is nothing more than weird advertisements or bills… but still… there is the odd day with a card, a package, a magazine. Mail is just fun!

We recently had the opportunity to review the Connections Stationary Kit from Byron’s Games. As soon as the package arrived in the mail (see what I did there), my girls tore into it. They were so, so excited and started making a list of all the people who needed a letter.

As I learned more about Byron’s Games, I was inspired by the story that birthed the company. Byron is a little boy who had an extended stay at Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago. His experiences in the hospital sparked the creation of a Continent Race game and the Connections Stationary Kit. My own daughter loved, loved, loved getting mail when she was going through cancer treatment and had her own extended hospital stays. Portions of proceeds from Byron’s Games benefit select children’s charities.

I love that I didn’t even have to give my girls a letter writing assignment. They took such ownership when we received our Connections Stationary Kit. My ten year old even grabbed her handwriting book so she could write her letter in cursive! She wrote a letter to her grandmother and an aunt. Both ladies live several hundred miles away.

The girls got into the box and started writing letters before I could snap a picture of everything included. I can tell you that the Connections Stationary Kit comes with twenty-five pieces of high quality stationary paper, twenty-five matching envelopes, twenty-four stickers with six different designs, a fine line pen, two (purple and pink) ink stamp pads, and one thank you stamper.

My eight year old decided to write a letter to our friends who moved to Kenya last year. I had to explain to her (after she had already put the return address and stamped it) that international mail works a little different than domestic mail. It all worked out though. My girls learned how to address an envelope, figure out postage (they added some extras to their letters… like a pair of earrings for their cousin), and make sure the flag is up on the mailbox to alert the mail carrier.

Now… we could have just used paper, pen, and envelopes… but having it all in a cute kit with all the things we need is so much more fun. I would recommend picking up the Connections Stationary Kit from Byron’s Games. Do you have family that lives out of state? Write them a letter! Does your child have a penpal? Write them a letter! Does your child’s friend live just down the road? Write them a letter!!! Everyone loves getting mail. Come on… with our crazy world right now, bring some joy to someone’s mail box… just make sure you wash your hands… and don’t lick the envelope… use a wet cloth (or one of the cute stickers from the kit) to seal it!

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