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I don’t know about you, but my kids are all about graphic novels. They like the art and style. And, let me tell you… finding age appropriate, clean literature in graphic novel form has proven to be more than a challenge. It seems that as soon as we find something we like, we turn the page and find foul language or oversexualized content. Enter the Action Bible from David C Cook. We have it downloaded on our Kindles… it is a fantastic Bible and resource for kids. Because of our love of the Action Bible, I was thrilled when we were given the chance to review another book in the same style, The Action Bible Anytime Devotions.

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions is a collection of 90 readings “to help kids connect with God anytime, anywhere.” The book is designed for preteens (ages 8-12). I honestly think it could go just a touch higher or lower in age depending on the maturity of your kids. The book is soft bound with 195 pages. The illustrations are top notch, drawn in graphic novel style. If I had had this book as a kid, I would totally have copied the drawings over and over, learning how to mimic the style.

The Action Bible Anytime Devotions by David C Cook could be used as a 90 day devotional, reading one per day. It could also be used as a topical discussion guide. On the top right of each devotional there is a theme. The themes covered in the book are: Courage, Hope, Trust, Love, Kindness, Faith, Strength, and Service.

We chose to use it as a topical discussion. Just recently, Sister 2 informed me that Sister 3 barged into her space without warning and she was very angry about it. To be fair, Sister 3 did give warning. Sister 2 refuses to wear her hearing aids and misses out on quite a bit around her. I found a devotion in the book titled, “For times when you’re angry.” It starts off metioning sibling relationships and even goes so far to use a sibling entering your room without permission as an example. It was a great lesson to read and talk about emotions. We talked about how emotions are not a bad thing- they are natural responses to our circumstances.

Each devotion in the book has an action verse, a story that relates to real life, questions and real life applications, and a challenge to take it further and read more scripture. This book is great for a personal devotion or family reading. In my opinion, the topics and stories are not cheesey or “little kid-ish.” Sister 2 (age 10) is all about things not being “little kid-ish” … so she gives the Action Bible Anytime Devotions her approval.

If you are wanting to introduce a family devotion time, The Action Bible Anytime Devotions by David C Cook would be a great way to start.

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