I thought the days of Lego were long gone in our house. My oldest, who is turning 15 this weekend, packed up his bricks and sent them to the playroom a couple of years ago. He used to spend hours building, making stop motion videos, creating, exploring. I cried when he was done.

We recently remodeled our playroom to turn it into a giant bedroom for my three girls to share. The Legos were still there, but in tubs, sealed and pushed under the beds to make room for other things… American Girl, Barbie, and the like.

Our family has started watching Lego Masters on Fox. I will give a heads up that while this show is *mostly* family friendly, there is some language here and there… and some colorful backstories. With that being said, we have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and watching the builders create. They are having to pull from creative as well as scientific thinking to accomplish the tasks given.

As you can imagine, watching the show has sparked a renewed interest in the bricks I thought were forever forgotten. I have been hearing the distinct sound of rustling through the lego bin coming up from the girls’ room.

During this time of social distancing, let me do some of the leg work for you and share links to some really creative building challenges.

Lego Duplo Pendulum Painting

Lego Brain Puzzles

Lego Tic Tac Toe

Rocket Cars

Wind Racers

Zip Line

Secret Codes

Self- Portrait

Marble Maze

Nerf Targets

Upside Down Challenge

Spinning Tops

A few other challenges could be: a bridge that holds 3 pounds, a robot, an aircraft, 100 bricks, bricks of only one color, a structure 12 inches tall, something to wear, a boat that floats, a national landmark. The possibilities are endless.

Challenge your builders to complete 20 challenges in 20 days.

They can keep up with their creations with this FREE Record sheet. You could take a picture every time a challenge is completed. Print your pictures and put together a book at the end of the 20 days!

Click the text BELOW the image to download the FREE Record Keeping Printable.

Click here to download your free printable:

Here’s a fun idea you could use to build community: Set up a Facebook group or Google Hangouts or a Zoom meeting… have your kids meet once a day or every couple of days to share their creations. Issue the building challenges to the kids in your community and see what they come up with!!!

Need more ideas for challenges??? Check out my No Prep Building Challenge Printable Pack on Teachers Pay Teachers. It includes 100 building challenge cards, a challenge checklist, a certificate of completion, and a record keeping sheet (different from the one above).

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see what creations your builders dream up. If you post on Instagram, be sure to tag me: @thedelightdirectedhomeschooler

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