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Every year at Christmas, we make a big deal of celebrating for the whole month. We build the anticipation through celebrating the season of Advent. It is a special time and we have a beautiful book that we use every year to prepare us for the birth of Christ. Every year, I think… why don’t we do this more often? What stops us from gathering and reading in anticipation all the time? I was excited to receive The Easter Story Book by Laura Richie. I have been so pleased with products from David C Cook and The Easter Storybook is no exception. It is a collection of forty Bible stories about Jesus, from his time as a boy in the Temple to His ascension to Heaven after His resurrection.

The illustrations in The Easter Storybook are stunning. Each two page layout features the reading for the day, the verses that accompany the reading, thought provoking questions, and a full page color illustration.

The stories are connected by the common thread of Jesus the Rescuer. There is a truth that we are not good enough and no matter how many good things we do, sin still taints and separates us from God. Jesus knows we can never be good enough on our own and that’s why He came! Jesus is the only one who can rescue us from our brokeness and sin. His life and work on the cross restores us and brings us into the eternal relationship with the Father we are destined for.

The East Storybook breaks down big truths into understandable pieces. It is not cheesey or incomplete like so many children’s Bibles tend to be. The writing is beautiful and thought provoking. I really like the questions at the end of each reading that provide a call to action… a way to respond to the reading.

I just checked Amazon and it looks like The Easter Storybook is in stock and available for Prime Shipping. If you do Easter baskets, this book would be a great addition.

The easy to follow format allows for daily readings. You could incorporate it into your morning routine, read at the breakfast table, gather the children for read aloud time when the rhythm of your day slows a bit in the afternoon, or maybe gather around before bed and read together. If you have older children in the home, you could have them take turns reading to the younger ones (this is my preferred way to use the book as it gets my big kids in on the time).

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