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We have been long time fans of Math U See. The very first homeschool conference I went to when my oldest was six was in Atlanta and Steve Demme (the founder of Math U See) was speaking. I took said six year old with me to hear him speak. For some reason, I thought sitting on the front row was a good idea. You need to know the ADHD runs deep in our family and Mr. Six Year old was no exception. That boy fell out of his chair more times than I could count. Mr. Demme was so gracious and told me not to worry about it… that he was the same way as a boy. He went on to share a higher level math problem to demonstrate how Math U See works. My son didn’t miss a beat. He was answering the questions correctly and keeping up with everything that was going on. It was in that moment that I was sold on Math U See.

Fast forward a few years. That six year old is now fifteen. He is in Algebra. I am realizing that one area in which I failed him was practicing basic math facts until they were second nature. He is doing all of these multi step problems, but getting tripped up on the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Because we did not spend a lot of time on fact recall, he is at a bit of a deficit with higher level math. My first born takes the brunt of my learning curve. Because of the struggles I am seeing with him, I am highly motivated to set my other three up for success. Math U See has a program now called the Accelerated Individual Mastery program. The program helps set students up for success with math fact mastery.

As with all things Math U See, the Accelerated Individual Mastery (AIM) program is well thought out and accounts for various learning styles.

AIM Materials

The program comes with physical and digital resources. The digital resources are available for 12 months. The access card for the digital resources and instructions to activate said resources are included in the box.

The online resources are super easy to use. Math U See videos are very helpful and informative. The online menu is very easy to navigate. This is an easy program to understand. The digital resources contain step by step videos of how to instruct a student through a lesson. The resource guide provides direction to help present concepts correctly.

The Digital Toolbox includes the following:

AIM Success Videos– highlighting key concepts and components. Students watch these videos before completing the corresponding session.

Lessons– Step by step instruction videos, study copies of the word problems, and fact check cards.

Solutions– word problem solutions and fading solutions

Activities– using the integer blocks, review activities, fast fact check ins, and more.

Resources– mastery charts, online drills application, worksheet generator, digital manipulatives applications, and certificate of completion

Assessments– Assessment tools to use before, during, and upon completion of the program.

Physical Resources Include:

Integer Blocks

Colored Pencils

Fast Check Cards

Math Fact strategy Posters

The resource guide is availble online as well as in a hard copy that comes with your materials. This is a fantastic and thorough resource filled with wonderful ideas for sealing the concepts into your student’s brain. The program takes into account different learning styles- auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. The manual gives you steps on how to prepare for the Accelerated Individual Mastery Program, tips and tricks to avoid stress, and frequently asked question. There are many places throughout the program where customer support contact information is listed. Math U See does a great job of setting parents up for success as parents seek to set their kids up for success.

I am using the Accelerated Individual Mastery Program with my three girls (ages 13, 10, and 8). We are still using our regular Math U See curriculum, but incorporating this into the daily rhythm. The program has so many awesome tips and activities for memorizing math facts. One in particular that I like is the Fact Alarm (pictured above).

This program is fantastic for filling in learning gaps that may have occurred along the way. It is well suited for kids ages 8-16. Your older kids may push back a little, but it is worth it in the end. Believe me… you want to set them up for success. Algebra is hard enough without going into it still struggling with basic facts.

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