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We are BIG fans of Drive Thru History® Adventures at our house. My son worked through Drive Thru Ancient History last year as part of his school. The videos were engaging and informative. When the opportunity to review a new offering from Drive Thru History® Adventures came our way, I was glad to accept. We were given a lifetime access to Bible Unearthed. Members of the review crew were given early access to the course. It has not been released yet.

Bible Unearthed is a “12-part series explores the history, importance and impact of archaeology and how discoveries help us better understand the ancient world!”

Y’all… I LOVE archaeology. I love Biblical archaeology. I love maps and history. This course makes my heart happy. I am excited to continue it with my kids.

If you’ve read any of my reviews of online courses, you know that ease of navigating the website is very important to me. I don’t want to have to spend a ton of time learning a website before I can even access the content. Bible Unearthed and Drive Thru History® Adventures do not disappoint. The website is incredibly user friendly. To begin the course, you navigate through an introduction, a course guide download, and several “how to” tabs.

I love that there is a suggested weekly schedule. The weekly schedule allows for freedom to arrange things to work with the family schedule. The course provides plenty of contact points for customer service as well.

The average length of the videos is fifteen minutes. The videos feature Drive Thru History® favorite Dave Stotts, and archaeologist Titus Kennedy as well as Randall, the head writer for the show. These videos are a little different than the format of the Drive Thru History videos we have watched in the past. These are more of an interview format…. similar almost to a podcast (just on video).

Here are the topics in the 12 videos discussed:

  • Episode 1: What is Archaeology?
  • Episode 2: The Impact of Archaeology
  • Episode 3: Locating Archaeological Sites
  • Episode 4: The Life of an Archaeologist
  • Episode 5: What’s Being Discovered Today?
  • Episode 6: Archaeological Mysteries
  • Episode 7: Top Discoveries in Bible Archaeology
  • Episode 8: Getting Involved with Archaeology
  • Episode 9: Trends in Archaeology
  • Episode 10: Weird Archaeology
  • Episode 11: Accidental Discoveries in Archaeology
  • Episode 12: What’s Left to be Discovered?

Each episode has a worksheet that can be downloaded and printed off. Each worksheet follows the same format: a summary of the episode, a getting technical section (specific archaeological information based on the video), scripture reading, optional activity, discussion questions. Don’t worry- an answer key is available as well!

The information from Bible Unearthed is engaging and presented in a memorable way. My kids- 15, 13, 11, and 8 can all benefit and all enjoy watching. They can each complete the worksheets and reading according to their abilities.

As my family has grown and I have students in high school, middle school, and elementary school… finding curriculum and topics to do all together has proven more difficult. With Bible Unearthed, I am finding a great opportunity to gather all four of my children together for a common experience. It is great!

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