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I LOVE the Christian Heroes: Then and Now books by Janet and Geoff Benge. We have books in our home that I will likely get rid of when the kids are older, but I can say with certainty that our collection of Christian Heroes: Then and Now will be around for my grand kids (God willing). This collection of biographies is so informative and so engaging. There is not a single one that we walked away from disappointed. Through the Review Crew, we were given the opportunity to review Betty Greene: Wings to Serve.

Betty Greene lived from 1920- 1997. She had two passions as a young girl- a love for Christ and a love of flying. This biography by Janet and Geoff Benge tells the story of how Betty Greene combined her two passions and made her dream a reality when she helped found Mission Aviation Fellowship.

I don’t know if your kids assume biographies are boring, but let that myth get busted with Betty Greene: Wings to Serve. This woman was a World War 2 WASP Pilot! She had some amazing and harrowing adventures! I would have really liked to know Betty. She sounds like one spunky lady!

I love how the Christian Heroes: Then and Now books shed light on the real life of their subjects. They show people living real lives and how their faith is part of the story.

When my kids were younger, I took a couple of school years and used the Christian Heroes: Then and Now books as the spine of our year. Every thing we did stemmed from the books. We learned about C.S. Lewis and wrote epic tales! We learned about Corrie Ten Boom and the atrocities of the Holocaust. We learned about Bethany Hamilton and her perseverance after losing her arm to a shark! Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Lottie Moon, George Mueller! We learned so much just through read alouds and exploring the time when and country where the stories took place.

This year, I read the George Washington Carver book to my nature science class at our co op. They were fascinated by his life and discoveries.

Guess what… if you don’t want to recreate the wheel, YWAM Publishing has put together some amazing unit studies to go along with the books! I didn’t use these the first time around because I didn’t know they existed… but I tell you… these are great!

Unit Studies are a way to cover a variety of subjects surrounding one main topic.

This Betty Greene Unit Study covers the following subjects:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Social Studies
  • Bible Memory
  • Vocabulary
  • Essay Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Public Speaking
  • Drama
  • Art

Whether you are looking for a good read aloud, a spine for your year, a time to put aside other academics and spend some time de schooling… whatever your needs are… I would strongly recommend you consider Christian Heroes: Then and Now biographies. Get to know some real treasures like Betty Greene. You won’t regret it!

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