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When my kids were younger, I was always on the hunt for a solid kids study Bible. There are a lot of flashy options out there, but not all of them are good. We recently were given the opportunity to review the NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers published by Zondervan.

First impressions when we opened the package:

  • Visually appealing. The cover image definitely goes with the title of Adventure!
  • The whole of Scripture. This is not like some children’s Bibles that only have selected stories. This includes everything.
  • Resources to help understand. The Bible is filled with colorful pages and sections that explain historical context and more.

As we dug further into this Bible designed with kids in mind, we were pleased with what we discovered. This Bible includes scripture- the NIrV. NIrV stands for “New International Reader’s Version” and is a paraphrase of the New International Version. This makes it easier for young readers to be able to read for themselves and understand what they are reading. My first Bible was a King James version. I remember reading over and over and not having a clue what I had just read. I didn’t know until later that I had a mild form of dyslexia which impeded my ability to fully understand what I was taking in through the written word.

When I became a Christian at age 14, I was given an NIV (New International Version) Bible from one of my youth leaders. It was like a whole new world… a treasure had been given to me. I was able to understand God’s word and really dig into studying it.

I think God’s word is meant to be understood (on varying levels) by all ages and I think The Adventure Bible does a good job of opening Scripture up to young readers.

The Adventure Bible is a paper back book with a sturdy, glossy cardstock cover. It has:

  • articles and illustrations that describe life in ancient days
  • articles of close up looks at people of the Bible
  • hands on activities to apply Biblical truth
  • interesting facts to help understand God’s word
  • suggested verses to memorize
  • 20 full color pages with a jungle safari them
  • book introductions, a dictionary, and colorful maps

One of my personal favorite aspects of The Adventure Bible is the book introductions. When teaching my kids to study Scripture, we like to LAF. We look at the

  1. L- Location
  2. A- Audience
  3. F- Framework

The book introductions in The Adventure Bible help to do just that. Information is included about who wrote the book, why the book was written, what happens in the book, what we learn about God in the book, the important people in the book, when did it happen, and where did it happen.

My youngest (age 10) loves learning the interesting facts found on pages throughout. They help her understand life during those times and realize these were real people with real lives.

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