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So… I saw a Facebook ad a few months back from The American Coaching Academy for Healthy Habit Trackers. I remember thinking, “Hm… that looks interesting.” But, of course, my ADD kicked in as I scrolled and I completely forgot about it. 

Fast forward a couple of months and guess what came through on the Homeschool Review Crew?!?!… and opportunity to review Healthy Habit Trackers from the American Coaching Academy!!

The review materials came at the perfect time. With our summer starting, we were losing our school routine. I love the freedom that summer brings, but it doesn’t take long for some of the people living in my house to feel out of control and bored. I am not interested in being a summer cruise director… planning events to fill every hour. I have things I’ve been putting off all year that I need/ want to take care of. And I have a garden to enjoy and a new school year for which to plan. 

I realized quickly that most mornings were being consumed with TV watching. We decided to set some boundaries before vegging out. The Healthy Habit Trackers were perfect for this. I have one child in particular who LOVES checklists! 

We received a digital download with twelve different printable habit trackers:

Tracker Challenge # 1- Muscular Endurance 

This challenge features a five minute exercise circuit that includes wall sits, running in place, planks, crab bridges, and wall pushups. 

Tracker Challenge #2- Household Chores

The tasks in this challenge include making the bed, washing the dishes, taking out the trash, and walking the dog. 

Tracker Challenge #3- Healthy Body

This challenge is about more than just exercise! This includes tasks like hydration, playing outside, hygiene, and sleep. 

Tracker Challenge #4- Kindness

Tasks for this challenge include lending a hand, helping others feel cared for, and making someone smile. 

Tracker Challenge #5- Nutrition (this is a big one for our house)

This challenge helps to build healthy eating habits. Tasks focus on eating balanced meals and getting proper hydration. 

Tracker Challenge #6- Locomotor

This challenge helps build strength and coordination through things like hopscotch, tip-toes, and army crawls. 

Tracker Challenge #7- Boot Camp (My Favorite!)

This challenges kids on all fitness levels with modifications. Challenges include burpees, push ups, squat jumps, sidekicks, sit ups, and high planks. 

Tracker Challenge #8- Yoga Flow

This challenge focuses on flexibility, strength, and breathing through basic Yoga poses. 

Tracker Challenge #9- Cardio

Get that heart rate up with plenty of jumping, dancing, and hopping in this challenge!

Tracker Challenge #10- Flexibility

 The tasks in this challenge include several stretches to increase range of motion. 

Tracker Challenge #11- Muscular Strength

This challenge includes tasks like push ups, squats, and lunges. 

Tracker Challenge #12- Bee Fit

This challenge brings it all together with physical and emotional tasks. 

The challenge sheets are each 30 days long and are each a different fun and unique design. We also received blank trackers where we could fill in our own tasks for the different challenges! These print and go trackers would be great in a classroom setting for a school wide challenge or in your home. You could focus on a new challenge each month.

In our home, these have been great for morning wake up exercises! During the year, I could see this being a great tool for brain breaks when we need breaks from table work. 

This month, one of my girls (12 years old) is doing the nutrition challenge. It is really helpful for her to have a visual of how much variety she is actually getting with food. My other girl (10) is doing the cardio challenge. She is enjoying coloring in the mountain as she goes. 

You could print and laminate the different Healthy Habit Trackers to save on ink and give them a long life in your home if you want. 

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