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Have y’all heard of Jonathan Park? We were excited for the opportunity to review The Adventure Begins Series 1 Pack from Jonathan Park Adventures through the Review Crew. If you enjoy listening to audio dramas, please consider this awesome series. The faith-based audio drama is great for the whole family. We love listening to adventures when we are in the car. Our co op is a thirty minute drive from the house so we have lots of car time. I’m a big believer in taking advantage of car time to have meaningful conversations and listen to meaningful content.

We received the digital download of the Adventure Begins Series 1. I was able to download to my phone and connect ot bluetooth in the van to listen. The audio is not like a book on tape (tape, right? I’m dating myself here)… it is a drama… an experience… sound effects, actors, excitement. Audio adventures are great for engaging the imagination. With television and movies, kids are given the images the creators want them to see. When we read aloud or listen to dramas, our imaginations kick into gear and we create pictures in our minds to go with the words we are hearing.

I love apologetics. If you are around me for more than a minute, I’ll find a way to work it into the conversation. Apologetics is simply knowing how to defend your faith. Apologetics comes in many different forms and fashions. The Jonathan Park Adventures are a great introduction to apologetics for kids. The adventures takes a unique apporach to teaching families how to build faith as you learn the evidence for a Creator- God. I am not a science person, but I feel smarter and more equipped when I listen to Jonathan Park.

The Adventure Begins Series contains the following adventures:

  • The Secret of the Hidden Cave
  • African Safari
  • Art Heist Adventure (my favorite!)
  • Mystery at Dead Man’s Curve

Each adventure contains 3, 26 minute episodes.

The adventures cover a lot of scientific topics and have several faith tie- ins. For examples, The Secret of the Hidden Cave focuses on evidence for a world wide flood, how dinosaurs died, how fossils are made, and the Tower of Babel diversification. The adventures are written from a Christian worldview and teach a young earth based on scientific and Biblical evidence.

In the adventures, we meet and grow attached to characters through the different stories. My kids have enjoyed Jonathan Park for years. We teach in our house that science and the Lord go hand in hand. God is truth… if something is true, it is His truth. We don’t need to shy away from looking at the evidence!

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