As you know, I really like to highlight solid literature that promotes a Christian worldview. Our last few trips to the library have left me feeling very discouraged… and coming up empty handed for family read alouds. The options are pretty shallow and agenda driven. It is really disappointing. So… for those of you out there trying to find good options, let me share with you a resource we received through the Review Crew. Light of Mine by Allen Broken from Towers of Light Christian Resources LLC is geared towards 3rd- 6th grade. We received the novel plus tons of extras (which I will share below) through the Light of Mine Unit Study- Premium.

In Light of Mine, Father has gone missing after joining the Mighty Mercenaries. Mother goes missing when she sets off in search of Father. Innocent animals are being turned into monsters and good men into pawns of the Dark One. Twelve year old Lauren and her little brothers, Aiden and Ethan must guard the Tower of Light that will guide their parents home. There is confusion that enters the scene and the children must be able to discern who is a threat and who is a help as they guard the Tower of Light. It is up to the children to stop the agents of the Dark One from putting out the Light!

Light of Mine is the first book in a series of six. It is 205 pages long and has 19 chapters. The book also includes reading comprehension questions. Included in our unit study bundle, we received the novel, a unit study workbook, a thumb drive, and a pathway MP3 player with the audio book and bonus tracks. We also received earbuds and a lanyard.

The unit study workbook has a suggested timeline of four weeks. You cover about five chapters in the novel per week. You can do a family read aloud, independent reading, or listen to the audio book. On days one through four of the week, students work in a reading journal to copy the memory verse and complete the vocabulary exercise. They also read and discuss the story passage, complete the daily reading, and record their answers to the reading questions. On the fifth day, students complete the daily reading assignment, recite the memory verse, and use the coloring page, puzzle, and activity to wrap up the week. One of our favorite parts of the unit study workbook is the joke of the day! There is a dad joke at the bottom of each daily page.

We were very impressed with how thoughtful and complete the Unit Study Bundle for Light of Mine is. They really thought of all the extras to make the experience special.

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