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Y’all… high school math is going to be the thing that takes me down. I barely made it through when I was a high schooler… I feel like I’m stuck in a perpetual math purgatory… with no end in sight! Ok… maybe that’s a little extreme… but still. Thankfully there are amazing resources out there to help. We were given the opportunity to review the Geometry course from TabletClass Math.

The Geometry course from TabletClass Math is a self paced online math course. Teacher John Zimmerman claims he can help ANY student have success in math. ANY student! Where was Mr. Zimmerman when I was in Algebra???

Students can watch an online lesson and then complete the work. In the Geometry class, there are eleven chapters. It takes about three weeks to get through each chapter. Each chapter has 3-5 lessons. Lessons take about thirty minutes to an hour to complete.

When students log in, they are taken to the student portal where they can access the instructional materials. The site is clean and easy to navigate. Students move through the lessons at their own pace. The practice problems can be printed or downloaded for viewing.

TabletClass Math is an online program that offers math classes for Middle School, High School, College, and Test Prep with teaching methods that are easy and understandable. In addition to the student portal, we also have access to the parent portal. In the parent portal, we found informational materials, suggested course pacing, answer keys (SO important), grade calculation sheet, and course certificate.

Students have a quiz to take at the end of each chapter. Quizzes are multiple choice and computer graded. However, if that’s not your jam… you can find printable tests and test keys in the parent portal.

The course is a pretty straight forward Geometry course. No frills and easy to follow. With all the struggles we’ve had with math in our home, we appreciate the straight forward approach from TabletClass Math. The program provides plenty of review and reinforcement.

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