Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We are always on the hunt for good books! We recently received Quest for the King’s Crown from Focus on the Family and Tyndale House Publishers.

This is the 7th book in The Last Chance Detectives series. While it would be great to read the other six books, you don’t have to have previous knowledge to enjoy the book.

Our protagonist, Mike, and his friends go on a quest when they find an ancient artifact. The artifact can unlock your wildest dreams… so you can see why this would be so intriguing for a boy and his companions. The local sheriff gets involed when a mysterious stranger shows up. Mike, Winnie, Ben, and Spence start to realize the situation is more dangerous than they first realized.

Adventure is rampant as the Last Chance Detectives are searching for long lost treasure. The action filled story takes many twists and turns with age old mysteries and unexpected drama. Things aren’t always what they seem and all that glitters is not gold.

This soft, glossy covered book has 160 pages with 25 chapters. This book is geared towards ages 8-12, but could easily be enjoyed by those a little younger or a little older. The story has a distinct Indiana Jones flair about it… but appropriate for younger kids… no melting faces and such.

I am always in the business of supporting solid literature! Especially when it comes from Tyndale and Focus on the Family. You just know you’re getting the good stuff.

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