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Welcome to the Delight Directed Homeschooler. Thank you for choosing to spend some time with me today. I’m Katie- former public school preschool teacher, current homeschool mom to 4. I started adulting when I finished college in 2001 when I took a job teaching four year old kindergarten. My journies have taken me into marriage and motherhood with a vast number of jobs and experiences along the way. Welcome! I hope you find some encouragement and laughter while you are here. 

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Top Ten Reasons We Love Schoolhouse Teachers [dot] Com

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review ...
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What I’m Reading- Fahrenheit 451

Most of the books I read in highschool have left a seared distaste in my memory... simply because it was ...
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{FREE} Thanksgiving Zentangle Coloring Sheets

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! What is your family doing today? This is the holiday where we stay home. My amazing husband ...
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What I am Reading- Death on the Nile

We took a long car trip back in July. It was our bi-annual trip to St. Jude for my daughter's ...
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Beach- Schooling

We are so blessed to have access to a condo on St. Simons Island, Georgia. My parents had a great ...
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My IEW Wishlist

This is our first year using the Institute for Excellence in Writing. I have to admit that I have always ...
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Our High School Plans 2019-2020

Oh my word... time flies when you are homeschooling four kids with two in soccer while working two part time ...
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Our Middle School Plans 2019-2020

My brain hurts!!!! Let me just say that I do love the way we have set up homeschooling in our ...
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Our Elementary School Plans 2019-2020

I have learned over the course of our homeschooling adventure to be prepared... to plan... but to hold to those ...
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As the Sun Sets on Summer

Do you remember in the days before social media and the internet how you would come back to the school ...
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